We (MMOUI) have been running User Interface Customization sites for 21 years now! Over the years we have built a sterling reputation with both the game companies themselves and with the users of our sites. We are Official Fan Site Program members for nearly every game we support. In many cases we are the only Official UI Fan Site for a game. We have close working relationships not only with the Community Relations and Public Relations departments for each of the game companies, but also directly with each game's UI development team as well. This allows us to act as a bridge between the users, authors and the game companies.

As part of our efforts to provide comprehensive support for our communities, we run irc channels dedicated specifically for UI devs of the different games. Authors from across the globe are welcome to (and do) join us in these channels, sharing coding practices, learning from one another, assisting each other with mod debugging and testing, or just plain hanging out, kicking back and relaxing with like-minded people. We frequently set up in-game guilds for the same purposes. These guilds become especially useful during expansion betas. We've also hosted other community sites over the years, i.e. CT mods, EQ2Maps, and WoWAce, among others. When we are going to conventions we try to set up activities (above and beyond the ones the hosting game company has in place) for the UI community as a whole, getting group hotel rates, making restaurant arrangements for UI community wide dinners, etc.


Our mission is to be the most comprehensive sites dealing with anything custom interface related for many MMORPGs. From a place for authors to host their mods and users to download them, to technical help on creating and maintaining mods, to robust interface forum communities, we do more than just "host mods".



Our Start...

Verant Interactive released a content update to Everquest shortly before their next expansion, The Planes of Power. This content update introduced the ability for players to customize their graphical user interface through user created .xml and .tga files. This new ability led to the July launch of two new websites, EQInterface by Jim "Kudane" Garner and EQGUI by Tom "Dolby" Finn. In August 2002, the two sites combined and continued under the EQInterface name. Within a few weeks of the merger, Karen "Cairenn" Hobson officially came on board as a team member.

July 2002

SOE FanFaire!

Attended our first SOE FanFaire in Las Vegas, getting the opportunity to meet some members of the EQ UI community.

March 2003
World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

During the initial closed beta of the Blizzard Entertainment game, World of Warcraft we opened our second site, WoWInterface.

March 2004
EverQuest II

EverQuest II

Launched our third site EQ2Interface for Sony Online Entertainment's new game, EverQuest II.

June 2004
World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Re-launched WoWInterface.

January 2005
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes


VGInterface was launched for the Sigil/SOE game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

August 2005

First BlizzCon!

This led to the opportunity for Cairenn, Dolby & Kudane to all meet face-to-face for the first time, as well as with members of the WoW UI community. We also brought with us t-shirts to give out to the WoW UI community and hosted the first WoW UI Community Dinner, which has subsequently become an annual event we host. Okay well, not precisely annual, but every time there is a BlizzCon.

October 2005
Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online

LotROInterface, opened to support Turbine's game Lord of the Rings Online.

February 2007
Dungeon and Dragons Online

D&D Online

Expanded our LotROInterface site to support Dungeon and Dragons Online concurrently with Turbine's January 2008 expansion.

January 2008


We opened RiftUI, our site for the Trion Worlds's game, Rift.

June 2011
StarWars the Old Republic

SW: The old Republic

Bioware launched a little game named StarWars the old republic. Although the game doesnt support AddOns or Mods you can share your UI Layout so we launched SWTORUI to help people share their layouts.

April 2012
The Secret World

The Secret World

Funcom launched their game The Secret World which allowed flashed based AddOns. Our site SecretUI was born providing a place for flash mods to the game.

July 2012
Cube World

Cube World

CWMods opened to provide a place to easily share mods and themes.

July 2013
Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online

ZeniMax released their new MMO Elder Scrolls Online. ESOUI opened during beta to provide a place for AddOns.

February 2014


We launched our desktop application for Windows/OSX that allows you to Install, Update, Manage and Backup your AddOns easily.

April 2014